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Here at Back Window Marketing...

We specialize in helping house sellers move on from problem properties quickly and easily.

We buy all over the country. Sometimes we buy all cash, and sometimes we buy with creative financing which allows us to pay a seller's FULL ASKING PRICE for their home.

What does that mean to you?

It means we have a GREAT chance to help any of the home sellers that respond to your custom phone number that is located in the sticker placed on your vehicle.

This allows you to earn $500 PASSIVELY!

Sign up today so we can get you advertising for us and making money!

Ryan Garrison

Ryan Garrison

Owner & Operator of Back Window Marketing

Licensed agent in Washington

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About Us

Here at Back Window Marketing, we focus on providing a seamless home selling process to our homeowners. We will make your seller at least three offers to buy their home, and follow up with them until we make a deal or they tell us to leave them alone. We want to make YOU money!

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